Eva Marie Net Worth, Career and Education

Eva Marie Net Worth

Eva Marie (Natalie Marie Coyle) is an American actress, fashion designer, fitness model, and professional wrestler. This post will cover detailed information about Eva Marie net worth and other interesting facts you don’t know about Eva Marie.

Eva Marie’s wrestling career began in 2013 when she signed a contract with WWE and was assigned to WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando. By mid-2013, her career spanned off both in the wrestling and entertainment scene. By July 2013, she made her main roster debut under the ring name Eva Marie. Later in the month, she became the manager of The Bella Twins and began starring in the reality television series Total Divas as part of the main cast.

Eva’s entry in the world of reality show slowed down her wrestling career a bit. By February 2014, she rejoined the WWE and defeated Alicia Fox in her first singles match on WWE television. She also began regularly participating in tag team matches, and by April 6, Eva Marie made her WrestleMania debut, competing at WrestleMania XXX in the 14–Diva.

She announced on November 9, via her Instagram account that she was recovering from an injury. Eva Marie returned on the March 9 episode of Raw, accompanying Summer Rae to her match against AJ Lee. Eva joined the NXT, and on the July 22 episode of NXT, Eva Marie defeated Cassie in her in-ring debut.

After competing in various wrestling matches, On August 4, 2017, Eva Marie announced that she and WWE had parted ways. It was also announced that she would not be returning to the seventh season of Total Divas.

Lovers of WWE know that Eva Marie has an adorable personality. During the duration of her career with WWE, she was one of the most successful WWE wrestlers with an impeccable character that attracts many.

Eva Marie Net Worth

Eva Marie might not top the list of the wealthiest women in America, but she has managed to gather considerable fortune for herself through her wrestling career and endorsement deals. It is estimated that the ex-wrestler has a net worth $2.5 million.

It is believed that a huge percentage of her network must have come from her WWE career. She also enjoyed a lot of endorsement deals at the prime of her career. Although she only had a salary of $250 000 per year during her five years career. Eva also enjoyed a lot of endorsements from top fitness magazines. In August 2014, she got married to her current husband, Coyle Jonathan. Although Coyle has his wealth, little is known about his net worth. However, it is believed that their marriage gave Eva the freedom to save and invest more.

Eva Marie in the Total Diva group

On joining WWE, Eva featured in the Total Diva group. The show was designed to look into the personal lives of some WWE divas. The show caught public attention through airing behind the scenes footage.

To gain more popularity, Eva learned the art of creating dramatic scenes in her fights. As a Total Divas member, Eva seemed to enjoy creating Feuds with other groups such as True Divas. In late 2013, the Total Divas managed to defeat their nemesis, True Divas. Eva took a short break from wrestling before returning with a bang. On her comeback night, Eva defeated Alicia Fox, one of the most celebrated WWE fighters. This was her first singles match. It saw her popularity rise, and she started featuring in many WWE matches. The big break in her WWE career came when she got the chance to feature on the WWE NXT. Eva had talked for a long time about featuring on NXT before she finally got the chance to make her debut. She wrestled against Cassie and walked away with the victory.

Eva Marie Acting Career

The ex-wrestler tried to venture into acting. She was successfully featured in various films. She played a major role in “Inconceivable” and has since then continued to pursue an acting career. She is now pursuing her modeling and fitness careers too.

Eva Marie Education

Eva was born in Beverly Hills and raised in Concord, California. As an excellent soccer player, she went on to play college soccer for California State University – Fullerton, but subsequently shifted her focus to modeling and acting. She graduated with a degree in Business Management and earned an additional Associate’s Degree in Art from Diablo Valley College.

Marital life

Eva Marie married Jonathan Coyle in a secret ceremony, and at the time, her parents had no idea about the wedding plans. An episode of Total Divas followed Eva Marie as she told her parents, and they were less than pleased with the news. As of the time of writing this post, the couple are still together.

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